Bring Me The Horizon using DBM50 monitors

Brit metalcore band Bring Me the Horizon has over 3.4 million fans on Facebook, they have been awarded three Kerrang Awards and their last album was a Top 20 in the US and UK album charts and No.1 in Australia.

When the time came for Bring Me the Horizon to record a new album, they chose DBM50 as their studio monitors. We had a word with Jona Weinhofen - the man responsible for the bands hard-edged guitar riffing. He describes the experience like this: "The Dynaudio DBM50 monitors have been lifesaving for us during the writing of our latest album. They sound phenomenal, suiting all genres of music production".

The band is constantly touring, so they have to be able to work on songs while being on the road. Jona explains why the DBM50s are perfect for this: "Because of their unique design they're perfect for transport and functionality in both professional and home studios - they go everywhere with me, whether it be our studio, a hotel room or on the tour bus."

"We're not the type of band who goes and listens to all the other bands in our genre and regurgitate the same kinds of music. Most of our fans always think we have some crazy gear and combinations of effects in the studio, but we actually tend to keep things fairly simple; a good amp, an overdrive, a couple of core effects like delays and reverbs - that's pretty much how we achieve our sound live and in the studio and that's what we want our fans to hear".

"This is why the DBM50s are perfect for us," Jona explains, "The sound really translates well to other speakers, so if I'm mixing on these and later listen to the song in my car, on my home stereo or through headphones, it gives a really true representation of the sound."

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Bring Me The Horizon using DBM50 monitors
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